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Email Freeware

Voice Mail: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT/2000/: Download Program
If you are tired of typing e-mail messages, this tool is for you. With Voice Mail you can create and e-mail sound messages to your friends. Simply click the Record button, talk, and then click the Stop and Send buttons. That's it. 1.3 Mb

Make PDF: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT/2000/: Download Program
Do you send emails with attached Word or Excel files? Many people simply refuse attachments by these applications because they can carry viruses. Or, the attachments do not display the same on everyone elses computer. Worse, your document can be modified by the recipient without your knowledge, and are much larger than needed just to get your message through. What's the answer? You should be using Portable Document Files (PDF) which can be read on any platform with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader which is a standard plug-in for Netscape and IE. The only problem is that Adobe wants big bucks for the tools to create these files. Fortunately for you this is a free alternative. 25 K

Dawn: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT4/ME/2000/XP/: Download Program
If you have ever wanted to switch E-Mail programs or even simply use that WordPerfect address book in Outlook Express you have no doubt been put off by being forced to retype every single address by hand. Well, retype no more. A complete conversion is just a few clicks away. Power users will like the ability to see edit and delete parts of the data before saving it as well as support for comman file formats. 628 K

ArGoSoft Mail Server: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT/2000/: Download Program
ArGoSoft Mail Server is fully functional STMP/POP3/Finger server for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, which will let you turn your computer into the email system. It's very compact, takes only about 1Mb of disk space, does not have any specific memory requirements, and what is the most important - it's very easy to use. The freeware version of the Server is completely transparent. Runs as a small icon on your system tray, can be loaded with Windows at startup, supports unlimited number of accounts, supports SMTP authentication. (Useful to protect your server from unauthorized use). As mentioned above, it's a fully functional server: it relays the messages directly to Mail exchangers, bypassing your ISP. (Please don't use it to Spam - Spam is illegal). 1.3 MB

ShyFile: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT/2000/: Download Program
ShyFile creates high-security files carrying your encoded text, ready to be attached to one of your outgoing emails. The recipient of such an encoded file does NOT need to have ShyFile installed to decode and can use any browser to decode those attachments. ShyFile uses true 256 to 4096bit (military standard) encryption (since a key entry of 32 up to 512 characters is used). You can easily upload a ShyFile to your website (no alterations necessary) to make its contents available only to your associates. This software works independently from all your desktop email applications. 1on1 keys, no trusted 3rd party. 1.7 MB

Frontgate MX: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/ME/2000/XP/: Download Program
Spam belongs in a sandwich, not in your face! Don't appreciate the sour taste of yet another fraud being delivered fresh to your PC? Don't appreciate email that's spicy or high in fat? Frontgate MX is a program that was developed to stop junk email from reaching your computer. It offers unprecedented levels of power and control over what is, and what isn't allowed into your inbox. Frontgate MX integrates invisibly with any conventional POP3 email program so it will not change the way you check your email. In addition, its behaviour can be fully customized, so you don't even need to know it's there. 1.2 MB

Hide Outlook Express: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/ME/2000/: Download Program
Ever wanted the ability to hide Outlook Express or to minimize it to the sytem tray? Now you can! Hide Outlook Express creates a Tray Icon, and allows you to show and hide Outlook Express by clicking the icon. It can also be set to hide Outlook Express when you minimize it. 128 K

Outlook-QuoteFix: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win98/NT/2000/XP/: Download Program
Outlook-QuoteFix can modify MS Outlook's message composition windows on-the-fly to allow for correct quoting and to change the appearance of your plain-text replies and email forwarding. Other features include: move your signature, use compressed indentation, customize your quote header, etc. And the best thing about Outlook-QuoteFix is, there is absolutely nothing you have to do. It's all done automatically. You click reply and Outlook-QuoteFix will immediately reformat the message for proper quoting! No message you send is ever going to look silly again. And, if you get all your friends to use this program, too, messy quotes will soon become the exception to the rule. And even if you don't, Outlook-QuoteFix will attempt to fix all their messy quotes when you reply to their messages! 375 K

MSGTAG: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win98/NT4/ME/2000/XP/: Download Program
MSGTAG alerts you the moment an email you've sent is opened. It's fun, free, privacy-protected and doesn't re-route your email through outside servers. MSGTAG is easy to use and works with your existing email program. You don't have to change anything about the way you write or send your email. It works with almost all desktop email clients including Outlook, Outlook Express, and Eudora. Great design and tech support. Don't wonder. Know. 1.0 MB

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