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Graphics Freeware

Mayura Draw v 2.04: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win/98/ME/NT/2000/XP: Download Program
Mayura Draw v 2.04 formally called PageDraw is intended for scientists and engineers for creating technical illustrations. Mayura Draw is also used by graphic artists. Using Mayura Draw you can create illustrations composed of graphical shapes such as rectangles, ellipses, polygons, bezier curves, bitmapped images and text. Mayura Draw has powerful tools for editing and transforming graphical shapes. All shapes including images and text can be scaled, rotated, skewed and reflected. Bezier curves can be edited by manipulating handles. Import: AI, WMF, GIF, JPEG and BMP formats. Export: SVG, EPS, PS, AI, PDF, WMF, GIF, JPEG, BMP and TIFF formats. Mayura Draw can export smooth, jaggy-free bitmaps. (Look on left side for download). 270 K

OpenFX: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win/98/ME/NT/2000/XP: Download Program
OpenFX is a massively powerful 3D rendering package with NURBS, kinematics-based animation, morphing and more.. This powerful 3D modelling application was previously known as the commercial package SoftF/X. The author has decided to release the code under the terms of a GNU General Public Licence. It's a very nice application It is a truly massive download, thankfully there are two smaller versions which just contains the essential applications. You won't find a better 3D renderer unless you start making serious financial investments. 44 MB, 21.7 MB and 4.9 MB

CBN Assistant: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win/98/ME/NT/2000/XP: Download Program
CBN Assistant streamlines, automates and organizes your color specification work flow. CBN Assistant is feature rich, and designed to simplify the color selection and specification process of Architects, Designers and Specification writers. Works with: AutoDESK AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word (report generator), and other 3rd party products. Features: Too many to list. 9.0 MB (You are going to receive a "Enter User Name box" when you access this site, just click cancel and then click CBN Assistant.)

VirtualDub: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT/2000/: Download Program
If your capture device is Video for Windows compatible, then VirtualDub can capture video with it. But VirtualDub isn't your average capture program. Features include: Fractional frame rates. Don't settle for 29 or 30 when you want 29.97. Optimized disk access for more consistent hard disk usage. Create AVI2 (OpenDML) files to break the AVI 2GB barrier and multiple files to break the FAT32 4GB limit. Integrated volume meter and histogram for input level monitoring. Real-time downsizing, noise reduction, and field swapping. Verbose monitoring, including compression levels, CPU usage, and free disk space. Access hidden video formats your capture card may support but not have a setting for, such as 352x480. Keyboard and mouse shortcuts for faster operation. To capture, just hit F6. Clean interface layout: caption, menu bar, info panel, status bar. 689 K

TalaPhoto: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win32/MacOS-9/Mac-OSX/: Download Program
Your digital camera is chock full of great shots but how do you quickly and easily print them out or make them into a Web page? TalaPhoto is the elegantly simple yet powerful solution! While other digital photo tools offer a jungle of capabilities and options, TalaPhoto makes it exceptionally easy to print your photos on your own printer and organize them into easy to navigate Web pages. Features include: Full frame digital photo printing on any color printer, easily zoom, position and crop using simple controls, onscreen page view lets you easily fit the photo to the page, image level adjustments enhance improperly exposed scenes, EXIF decode shows a wealth of camera data about each photo, project file saves your changes but never modifies your original photos, single command builds entire HTML folder for all photos in a project, scrolling thumbnail list and main image display on same Web page for easy navigation. (Download size depends on OS).

f/Calc: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win/Palm/TCL/: Download Program
f/Calc is a calculator for photographic formulas. These formulas are at the heart of many interesting questions about the technical side of photography. You could compute these functions by hand, but they range from tedious to difficult, even with a good scientific calculator. When you let f/Calc do the hard work, you gain an intuitive feel for what the results mean, because you can quickly try new input values to see how they affect the result. 214 K

glTIP: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP: Download Program
glTIP (pronounced as gee-el-tip) is a freeware graphics application which produces visually convincing 3D animation effects from an ordinary 2D image. It runs on the Windows platform and can take advantage of any graphics card with OpenGL acceleration. glTIP utilizes the Tour Into the Picture(TIP) technique which transforms an ordinary image of a scene into an exciting 3D motion picture. In movie or TV advertisement production, very often a storyboard is prepared to describe the flow of a movie. With our system, animators can produce 3D animation quickly and easily from the storyboard to convey their idea to colleagues or clients in a lively fashion. 685 K

Another Lens: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/: Download Program
Another Lens displays a magnified view of the area of the mouse cursor. Quite handy, for example, for drawing software. The window contents can be locked, and saved to a file or copied to the clipboard for taking screenshots. Several additional options, like crosshairs, resizing the window and hiding the caption bar and/or main menu. Stays on top of other windows optionally. Note for fellow programmers: Full source code included (Delphi 4). 187 K

Kaos Rhei: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/: Download Program
Kaos Rhei is a program for rendering fractal images which can be used in as stand-alone images, textures or bump maps for 3D rendering. It currently supports more than a dozen different fractal types, including M-Sets, N-Sets and N/M-Sets. A unique formula parser gives you full control over the coloring of the fractals, either using a preset 256-color palette, or applying different formulas to RGB or HLS color space. Image size is only limited by the available memory. Additional features include integration of plasma clouds, several filters, and various fractal options such as inverted fractals. 500 K

Gallery Wizard: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/: Download Program
Gallery Wizard is a template based program for creating thumbnail gallery pages. It accepts over a dozen different input formats, with the possibilty for creating galleries from several different folders at once. It renders the gallery pages, thumbnails including various effects (like 3D Border), and can optionaly also create HTML pages for each image. By using easy to understand HTML template files with various variables, you can create thumbnail galleries that suit your existing site design. 1.0 MB

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