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HomeWatcher: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win98/NT4: Download Program
It's a wired world and you can be in charge of your domain with this free software program. It uses your Webcam to keep a eye on your home or office while you are away. It offers: motion detection, motion triggered upload of snapshots, scheduled upload of snapshots, automatic main Web page creation, sun filter, temp file storage on different drive, support for all video for Windows cameras, support for a number of digital still cameras, support for triggering by external devices (serial port), indication of changes in the image ("Diff" mode), dynamic hints for all functions, adjustable colors for timestamp and image differences, disk space check, and much more. 1.0 MB

PicoBSD: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win98/NT4: Download Program
PicoBSD is a one floppy version of FreeBSD 3.0-current, which in its different variations allows you to have secure dialup access, small diskless router or even a dial-in server. And all this on only one standard 1.44MB floppy. It runs on a minimum 386SX CPU with 8MB of RAM (no HDD required!).

Canary: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT/2000: Download Program
Canary is a monitoring and auditing program with stealth technology. It monitors access to the Internet through IE and Netscape. It runs in the background and records: the URL's accessed, the starting and finishing times of access and each session of the browser used. And, if a user clicks the Canary icon in the system tray, Canary will display the amount of free memory, the amount of free space, hard drive size, and the current monitor resolution. Consequently, if your users ask what Canary does, you can say it is a simple resource monitor. The program is also non-defeating meaning there is NO way to crack it! 284 K

iDcide: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT: Download Program
IDcide's award-winning Privacy Companion helps you surf the Web comfortably. Privacy Companion: Protects your privacy. Lets you know who may be tracking you on the Web. Enables you to block third-party cookies without impairing your browsing experience. Privacy Companion is a very user-friendly browser add-on for Internet Explorer that you can download free. 1.3 MB

Click-N-Type: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT/2000: Download Program
Click-N-Type is an on-screen virtual keyboard designed for anyone with a disability that prevents him or her from typing on a physical computer keyboard. As long as the person can control a mouse, trackball or other pointing device, he or she can send keystrokes to virtually any Windows application or DOS application that can run within a window. Click-N-Type is a 32 bit application that requires Windows 95 or later. There are other virtual keyboards around but you'll find Click-N-Type the easiest to use for getting text into those uncooperative places like browser URL "Address:" fields, Email "To:" addresses, Email "Subject:" fields, dialog boxes like "Open" and "Save As...", and many other problematic applications. 1.6 MB

EldoS 2Connect: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT/2000/XP/: Download Program
EldoS 2Connect is an extremely easy to use dialer for Windows Dial-Up networking. No matter, what Windows version you use, you will benefit from using our dialer. 2Connect not only connects you with the rest of the world via your Dial-Up Internet connection, but also keeps track of all possible types of statistical information. You will be able to keep track of time spent online, check how much information is sent and received by your computer, know and control how much you spend on internet services, monitor connection quality and much much more. 2.2 MB

WorldTV: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP: Download Program
WorldTV allows you to view and record Internet TV stations from around the world. You can record the TV programs in real time or setup one or more timers to start / end recording at a convenient time. Multiple programs can be simultaneously recorded. Version 4.0 supports Windows Media Player stream formats. 164 K

Fresh Download: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP: Download Program
Fresh Download is a powerful feature packed download manager. It can considerably speed up the downloading of any file by opening up to 8 simultaneous connections to the download server. Key features of Fresh Download include the ability to pause and resume broken downloads, integration with Internet Explorer, Netscape or Opera, download scheduling, the ability to grab URL's from Windows clipboard, HTTP proxy server support, antivirus support using your current antivirus program and a built in zip archive extractor. 1.4 MB

AI RoboForm: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP: Download Program
AI RoboForm is a one-click web form filler and password manager with some serious Artificial Intelligence (AI) inside. It works as an add-on to Microsoft Internet Explorer v.4 or later, all browsers based on IE, and Netscape 6 including AOL, MSN, etc. Gator to RoboForm converter provides an easy migration path from Gator to RoboForm. AutoFill and AutoSave can be blocked per web site. Can fill in non-standard forms, you can even create customized form fields. Dump Gator (Spyware) and Get RoboForm - (NO Spyware/Ads. 739 K

VSOCKS Light: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP: Download Program
VSOCKS Light is a Proxy Server you can use it to access the Internet from any machine on your LAN with only a single machine being connected to the Internet by a modem. VSOCKS Light will autodial and hang up the phone line as necessary, and will pass all the data between the applications running on the client PC and the Internet. VSOCKS Light also acts as a basic Firewall, so you don't need to be concerned about people on the Internet having free access to data on your LAN. VSOCKS Light implements a subset of the SOCKS 4 proxy protocol. This protocol can be used to proxy any TCP/IP protocol including HTTP, FTP, TELNET and NNTP (Usenet). Common Web browsers already support the SOCKS protocol, other software that doesn't support SOCKS itself can still be used via a SOCKS proxy by using free third party software. 1.0 MB

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