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Programming Freeware

LCC- Win32 C Compiler: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT/2000: Download Program
The lcc-win32 C compiler system is self contained: you do not need anything else to get started programming in C in the Win32 environment. You get Code generator (compiler, assembler, linker, resource compiler, librarian), integrated development environment with editor, debugger, make file generation, resource editor, etc., user manual (approx 200 pages,

S.I.N.T.A.C.: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT/2000: Download Program
S.I.N.T.A.C. version G3.21, now complete and freeware: Sistema Integrado de creacion de Aventuras Conversacionales, a Spanish text adventure development system by JSJ Soft Ltd. Compiler, interpreter/debugger, linker, font generator, music generator, graphics converter, documentation, and a sample game (El secreto de Castronegro), all in Spanish. Self-extracting archive for DOS. Click here to download the tutorial. 408 K and 95 K

Cilk: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT/2000: Download Program
Cilk is a language for multithreaded parallel programming based on ANSI C. Cilk is designed for general-purpose parallel programming, but it is especially effective for exploiting dynamic, highly asynchronous parallelism, which can be difficult to write in data-parallel or message- passing style. Using Cilk, our group has developed three world-class chess programs, StarTech, *Socrates, and Cilkchess. 2.1 MB

Pacific C Compiler: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
DOS: Download Program
Pacific C is a freeware C compiler for DOS. Included is the HI-TECH Professional Development environment, an IDE allowing you to edit source code and manage projects with ease. Pacific C's text-based GUI makes it an excellent teaching package, while ANSI-compliance and tight code generation provide a powerful development tool. 1.1 MB

Genesis 3d: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT: Download Program
Genesis3D is a real-time 3D rendering environment for all of your real-time 3D needs. With a large online community, free online forums, and many links to Genesis3D will find all the support and tools that you need to begin developing world-class, real-time 3D applications today. If you are new to developing with Genesis3D, the current version of the Software Developer's Kit includes the tutorials found on our linked pages. You can also ask questions on our forum. Also make sure to download GDemo1, an impressive example of Genesis3D in action. 4.0 MB

Guage 3d: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Windows/Linux: Download Program
So, you wanna make a cool Christian 3d games but you don't have a game engine? Well, here is Guage 3d. With Guage 3d you can write your own cool Christian game and even sell it if you want to without paying any royaltees or fees of any kind. Your can license your game under any license you wish. What can Guage do? Guage can do more than I can list here so click here and visit their site for more details about Guage 3d.

UniRed: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT/ME/2000: Download Program
UniRed is a unicode plain text editor. It supports many charsets, in particular: 16-bit Unicode (little endian and big endian); UTF-8; Windows system charset (ANSI); DOS system charset (OEM); Latin-1, Latin-2, Latin-3 etc; Cyrillic charsets: cp866, windows-1251, koi8-r; etc. It allows you to use HTML-style presentation of Unicode symbols, Another important feature of UniRed is its syntax highlighting. It can emphasize syntax elements by colors and/or text styles. UniRed supports many program languages, including HTML, C/C++, Delphi, Java and others. UniRed has the ability to search and replace pieces of text by regular expressions. And finally: UniRed can co-operate with the spell-checker ISpell, allowing you to check spelling in any language, it can call external compilers, it can browse structure of program etc. (Available in many languages). 570 K

Goetz's Programming Kit: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT/2000/XP/: Download Program
Goetz's Programming Kit is a kit designed for children to adults who want to write programs. Works in Netscape or IE 4 or greater. It's a programming kit that works in JavaScript to allow you to easily write programs. It's easy enough for a child to use, and versatile enough for an adult. You can display information on the screen or even print on the printer. I have made a collection of tools to allow you to effortlessly get information from a person at the computer, or display information to the person at the computer. Without these tools, it would be a little difficult to do so. There is also a users guide to writing JavaScript commands. This will show how to use the tools, and go beyond the tools I've included, to build bigger and better programs. JavaScript is a very easy programming language to learn. It has simplified lots of tasks of other languages. 15 K

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